Father’s Day

Today is the celebration of a special man in your life, the one who held you in his arms at birth, showered you with love and guidance while you were growing up, and supported you as an adult. He doesn’t ask for much, but he gives you all he’s got. 

Father’s Day is a great tradition celebrating fathers and male parenting. In Catholic Europe this celebration of fatherhood can be traced back to the Middle Ages. It is much more recent in the US where it was introduced in June 1910.

Our present celebration has come a long way since America’s first Father’s Day which took place at a YMCA in Spokane, Washington. Today everything is geared toward making fathers feel special. They play an important role in raising children, biological or children of the heart. Many men are father figures to young people providing inspiration and guidance. And, I don’t want to be amiss and not mention the dads of our furry friends who are family members and loved as such.

I grew up in post-war Germany without a father, like so many other children, and have no memories of Father’s Day. My father died when I was 10 weeks old, and my mother never remarried. Father’s Day only came into my life when I married Steve. He has a daughter from his first marriage and although he had to be a father from afar, he was always there for Katharine. He also became the dad of my little Yorkie Sunny, whom I brought from Europe. It took him quite a while to convince her of his paternal role since she was an only child raised by a single mom. She was followed by Gigi, Bijou, Mignonne and now Romeo. All of them adored him, and Romeo will help make his Father’s Day truly special today.

Fathers, like mothers, deserve to have their special day, their personal celebration of who they are and the love they give. I can truly say that I missed having a dad during my childhood, and even as an adult I often wondered how I would feel had I been able to talk to a man who had known me my whole life. I know that I missed out on a very special relationship, and I am happy for everyone who could or still can enjoy it. When you are celebrating this special person in your life, still with you or in your heart, please feel grateful for this wonderful gift. A dad is someone special to be cherished.

Wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day!

Silvia Coggin, CPC
author and founder of NotJustCooking.com




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4 Responses to “Father’s Day”

  1. Heide

    I enjoyed reading your comments, as usual. I agree, dads should be recognized for their contributions. I think of my father with fond memories. I hope all fathers are enjoying their day!

    • Silvia Coggin

      I remember your father from my visits at your home a few times during my summers with Tante Hanni and Onkel Emil. He always was very kind to me. Did you celebrate Father’s Day?

  2. Bob Oro

    Was so get to get to see Steve on Father’s Day.
    What a treat for both of us.
    You guys rock!
    Bob and Debbie

    • Silvia Coggin

      He told me about it and I wish I would have been able to give you a hug. We celebrated Father’s Day on Saturday so Steve didn’t have to miss out. Wishing you a great afternoon and thanks for being so kind. Silvia


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