And Life Goes On

There are many changes happening in my life, some by choice, some by necessity, but in the end, it all comes down to me and how I see my life unfolding.

Being positive is one of the choices I made a long time ago, and it has been and still is a pillar of how I live my life. It helped me tremendously over the years and is a true blessing with my present health challenge. I remind myself every day that there is nothing which cannot be improved by a positive outlook. Sometimes it takes more than just reminding myself, and then I seek help through meditation and reading. But I always get there and can again feel balanced.

We all have hurdles to overcome, and it is solely up to us how we handle them. Do we become bitter, resentful and blame others or circumstances? Or do we have hope and faith that we can overcome the obstacles? The present might be painful and disheartening, but if you look to the future with a positive attitude, you will find something which you can look forward to and which can strengthen your hope. And then you can maintain positive thoughts that move you to a better place. This is not easy. It takes courage and strength to take responsibility, to admit that in the end “the buck stops here”!

We are the only ones who can bring change, and sometimes we might not be able to, like for example in the case of an incurable health challenge. But we still have choices and can decide if we want to be a victim or a martyr, or if we want to enjoy every day to fullest as long as we can. Of course, it can be tempting to blame someone or something, but what will it achieve? Blaming doesn’t change anything, it only makes us more angry and more negative. And we miss out on the joys of our life’s journey.

I have learned that life goes on with or without me. I can be dragged along screaming and fighting, or I can be a willing participant and enjoy the ride, no matter what. After my mother died when I was 17, I lived through some difficult years, I was definitely dragged along protesting and fighting all the way. I didn’t know any better then, but I still remember how painful and stressful it all was. There was very little happiness. Thanks to the gift of spiritual teachings and teachers, who assisted me in learning how to forgive, to open my eyes and my heart, I was able to leave those negative times behind and to see the beauty of life again. I still practice these teachings and they allow me to keep my balance and positive attitude.

Enjoy life to the fullest!

Silvia Coggin, CPC
Author and Founder of

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4 Responses to “And Life Goes On”

  1. Avatar Heide

    enjoyed your blog. Agree with you fully: we all fall at times, but it depends on how we get up. You seem to have done well over the years. Wishing you the best.

    • Avatar Silvia Coggin

      After my mother died, it was rough, but I got through it. Tough for a teenager without any family support. But then, like the song says, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Thanks for your support with my blog and wishing you the very best.

  2. Avatar Bob Oro

    When ever I look back on what I considered the worst things in my life they somehow became something that happened to change the road I was on. Change is hard!
    I heard the guy speak who wrote the book “When bad things happen to good people.” He was here in Tucson
    You are so right , it is all about how we react to it!!
    You are a great role model of how to do it!!
    Love you guys and hi to Steve.
    Enjoy the Journey,
    Bob and Debbie

    • Avatar Silvia Coggin

      Our attitude and reactions definitely make the difference. Would have liked to listen to Harold Kushner. I didn’t read his book but am aware of it.
      You are too kind, Bob. I just want to share some of my thoughts, reflections, and experiences in my blog and am always so touched when I get notes and responses.
      With my warmest regards to you and Debbie.


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