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A few years ago the desire welled up in me to write and to share my joy in the kitchen along with some insights of my spiritual journey. Having been on that spiritual journey now for over 45 years, I have had the honor to meet some incredible people and the privilege of doing many things. It was all worthwhile, and now the time has come to share. A yogi once told me that this will happen, and at that time I thought he was referring to my teaching yoga. Now I know, teaching yoga was only the beginning of my sharing.

My husband Steve is a big part of this website. He encourages and supports me, and I couldn’t have done it without him.

However, Not Just Cooking  is really your website, a community of like-minded people who feel  comfortable sharing and supporting. It is designed to be interactive and dynamic, bringing new information on a regular basis and keeping in touch. We are on a journey together and I am looking forward to participating in yours. You are most welcome to share mine.

A lot of thought and love has gone into Not Just Cooking, and as the name says, it is not just about food but about a complete body and mind connection.

Be well and enjoy life. It is worth living!

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