What's For Dinner Tonight?

How often do you hear this and have no idea what to put on the table. You ask yourself: Another dinner? Again? Feels like I just finished the last one! Haven't planned anything! And then you go into the kitchen, look in the pantry and refrigerator to see what you can prepare and you are truly uninspired. Not a good way to feel or a good place to be, but this happens to all of us. So here are some thoughts to make it a much more pleasant experience:

  • Keep it simple for every day; special occasions are a different story
  • Plan ahead when food shopping; avoid impulsive buying
  • View every meal as a creation, not a chore
  • The simplest meals are often the most enjoyable ones
  • Look at colors, texture and how flavors might go together
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with some flavors, textures, spices etc.
  • Be creative like a painter who puts different colors on a canvas
  • Always arrange food attractively on the plates
  • Use leftovers, but make them interesting and serve attractively
  • A little parsley goes a long way!
  • Less on the plate is better!
  • Make it fun and love what you do!

Hope this will help to make your future "what's for dinner tonight?" creative and fulfilling, and will bring you lots of joy and a sense of achievement.

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