Head Cheese - A Different Way To Serve It

Bavarian Girl

Having grown up in Germany, I have eaten my share of cold cuts. It is no longer part of my regular diet, but I still like to indulge from time to time. One of my favorites is Head Cheese. Here are a few tips to make this cold cut special.

  • Have it cut as thin as possible with paper in between (it crumbles easily)
  • Prepare a light vinaigrette with finely chopped onions
  • Place one or two thin slices of head cheese on a buttered slice of toast (garlic bread for example)
  • Top with a light vinaigrette and serve it as open sandwich accompanied with a pickle

As mentioned, this is a rare indulgence for me, but when I serve it that way, something within me from my childhood is touched and it makes me feel good.

Did You Know Head Cheese


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