Basic Tips

Some basic tips to make your life in the kitchen more organized and easier:

  • Chose a small container and line it with plastic (I use the plastic bags for the veggies in the super market). This will be your “garbage container” and you’ll have it next to you when you chop and clean your veggies etc.
  • Put all the ingredients planned for the dish on a tray together with the measuring spoons and cups.
  • Measure out your ingredients before you begin cooking. It will create less stress and makes cooking more fun. I like to leave the ingredients on the tray for any flavor adjustment.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and organized. Rinse the utensils and bowls as you go along, put them in the dishwasher or hand wash them.
  • Keep paper towels handy.
  • When cooking on the stove, place a plate next to the pot on which you can place the spoon, lid etc.
  • Use paper plates for prepared ingredients, like chopped onions, it makes the clean-up easier.
  • When entertaining, put a time table together when the various dishes have to be cooked so that everything is ready at the same time.
  • Have disposal gloves available to avoid contamination.

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