Drawer Organization

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Are your drawers in complete chaos?
Don't want to buy organizers?
Well, then it is time to keep boxes and recycle them.

  • Take a small cracker box, cut off the four flaps on the top and then put it horizontally in the drawer to store your long knives and other long utensils.
  • The inside cardboard roll of paper towels works well for long, thin items.
  • Small delivery boxes: fold the sides inside, cover the bottom with folded paper towels and arrange smaller items by category. To make it more attractive, cover the boxes with shelf paper and match the lining of the drawer, if you wish.
  • Do your candles come in a box? You have a double use: the box for organizing your drawers or cabinets and the glass container of the candle for pencils, small items.

Look around and be creative. Have fun with it and please share your ideas on the Forum!


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