How To Make A Spice From Asparagus

Asparagus 250I love asparagus and prepare them frequently. But I always felt sad that I had to discard so much of the stem; so I came up with the idea to make a spice out of it. It is really delicious and makes an aromatic seasoning in a wide variety of dishes.

After washing the asparagus, I remove the really tough ends which often stand in water at the grocery store. The part of the stem, which I break off and normally discard, goes into the dehydrator. When ready, I grind the pieces in a spice mill to a very fine powder and pass this powder through a fine sieve to eliminate any remaining pieces.

Use this spice on eggs or anywhere you would like this aromatic and flavorful spice. Please keep in mind, it is not treated for long shelf life, so use it within a reasonable time frame. I keep mine in the refrigerator.

Did You Know About Dehydration

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