Recipes containing tag seafood

Baked Cod on Vegetable Bed

Any mild fish will be delicious with this preparation. The colors, when you use a white fish, are very appetizing and appealing. The flavors are intense and will tickle your taste buds.

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Cocktail Sauce - American Style

This sauce is always a hit and so easy to prepare. Adjust it to your liking by making it more or less spicy. Enjoy!

Shrimp in Beer

These shrimp are cooked in a steamer basket (soild, no holes) and I love the result. I use deshelled and deveined large shrimp. They are so tasty you don't need any sauce - give it a try!

Wild Salmon - Oven Baked

Wild salmon has a stronger flavor. It is very important not to overcook it. I like to oven bake salmon at lower temperatures and get great results. Make sure it is cooked and keep it moist and tasty!

Wild Salmon on Grill

A perfectly grilled fish is a delight and so easy to prepare. The key to a moist peace of fish is to not overcook it. You will get the hang of it; just learn how the fish feels to the touch and also how your grill performs. Grills vary, so adjust the cooking times to yours. It is worth the effort and you’ll master it quickly.

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