Something To Look Forward To

We all need something to look forward to, something special waiting for us in the future. As children, we had many things to look forward to – birthdays, vacations, ball games, excursions, visits from grandparents, new toys, just to name a few. We went from one eagerly anticipated event to the next and life was filled with expectations and lots of fun. Of course, there were dreams of things which never came true and gave rise to disappointment, but it didn’t last very long because there was always something new waiting for us to look forward to.

And then we grew up and forgot along the way that feeling of anticipation and excitement of our childhood. Our careers and the demands of daily life took over, and we ignored our inner voice telling us that we need to make some time for things to look forward to and to nourish our child within. A long overdue get together with dear friends? A vacation with loved ones? An uplifting and interesting book or movie? These make life interesting, take us out of our routine, and allow our minds and bodies to rejuvenate.

For me travel was always a great highlight in my life. I liked to visit different parts of the world and immerse myself in various cultures. I also loved to attend spiritual retreats and seminars. There were always stars waiting for me, and they made my life interesting and balanced. I always felt that I became a better and more complete person when I returned home. I fondly remember the time spent with my little Yorkie Sunny who attended all my seminars and traveled with me extensively. I believe she enjoyed it as much as I did, and everyone was in love with her … well, maybe not the ping pong players since Sunny assisted them in retrieving their balls, and they got them back with little teeth marks and holes.

I still have stars waiting for me to look forward to, and the next one is a trip to Sedona, one of my favorite places in Arizona. It will be a wonderful break, and I cannot wait to see the red rocks and feel the spiritual energy of this enchanted place. It is never too late to reach for the stars and just dreaming about them is a worthwhile experience in itself. Maybe you would like to explore whether you have maintained some of your childhood anticipation and feel the excitement and a high like the one described by John Denver in his song “Rocky Mountain High”. Steve and I met John Denver once on top of a mountain beside a glacier lake in Colorado, and I always wondered if that was the place that inspired his lyrics and the song. We exchanged a few words and then, when we were alone, we meditated in that pristine and spiritual surrounding, and I could hear his music in my heart. Find those highs within you and stay with it for a while. It will bring you joy and peace.

Silvia Coggin, CPC
Author and Founder of



Life without excitement is like champagne without bubbles, it has lost its appeal and attraction. Would we drink flat champagne? Of course not! So why do we think that sometimes we have to live a life without excitement?

In the various stages of our life we are attracted and enthralled by different things, and our excitement changes as well. The simple things, which are so exciting for a young child, become bolder and usually more costly with increasing age. But one fact remains the same: we feel that we can conquer the world, and that there are no limitations. Everything seems possible; we are riding the waves of life feeling the wind in our hair and the energy flowing through us. It is like a drug and we want more. Do you remember your first date? The excitement of getting ready, your beating heart and you couldn’t think of anything else? Yes, at that moment you drank bubbly champagne and enjoyed every moment of it.

There is never a reason to drink flat champagne, we are always worth a good bubbly. And if you find yourself asking the question why the world became so bland or why you became so blasé, then it is time to lighten up and bring some spice into your life.  Do something you have never done but always wanted to do. A cruise? Riding a horse? Buying a sports car? Taking dance lessons to become the dancer you always wanted to be? Let your imagination fly, feel the excitement, and soar like an eagle. Excitement is what keeps us young and going strong.

Excitement can be laced with fear and doubts, but the thrill of being excited is worth the trepidations. Excitement is contagious, we like to be around people ready to embrace life’s many opportunities and challenges, and just listening to them gives birth to our own excitement. I fondly remember a recent get together with friends during which they enthusiastically talked about the safari they had planned. My love and passion for Africa started stirring, and I found myself googling safari possibilities, imagining myself in Africa and it was like taking a short mini trip. Yes, reality had to set in a little later, but the excitement of those moments cannot be replaced and I still cherish them.

So, what are you waiting for? Pop the cork and enjoy your bubbly! Live and enjoy the moment and some excitement regularly.

Silvia Coggin, CPC
Founder and Author of


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