Romeo, Our Little Sweetie

Romeo, our adorable little Yorkie, is growing up into a wonderful, handsome young gentleman. He surprises us every day with his intelligence, love and curiosity. He is truly an example of how to live in the moment and how to enjoy every minute to the fullest. He is always happy and when we walk him he turns back every so often and gives us the biggest smile saying, “I am having so much fun”. We can only join him in his celebration of joy and happiness.

I learn so much from Romeo. He is always happy and doesn’t allow anyone or anything to put a shadow on his exuberance. When he brings me a toy and I am not ready to play with him, he looks at me, and then he brings me another one looking up with his precious, sweet face, “Perhaps you like this one better?” How can one resist? This teaches me not to allow outside circumstances to influence my happiness and wellbeing, and to find a different thought or a different activity to sustain my harmony. And if people in your life make you uncomfortable, well, maybe it is time to make some new friends.

We have lived with Romeo for a year now and having him in our lives is a true blessing. We are so grateful that his breeder, Charmaine, raised such a healthy, joyful and balanced little love package. He couldn’t have come into our lives at a better time, and it demonstrates that when our desire is strong and we have an open and accepting heart, good things can manifest.

By observing Romeo, I can learn unconditional love, patience, living in the moment, wanting to please, mindfulness and there are many more. Just looking at him fills my heart with love, and I am a better person because of him.

Every day with Romeo is a celebration of life. He makes me laugh and what better way is there to deal with life’s challenges?

I love being your Mommy, Little Sweetie!

Silvia Coggin, CPC
Author and Founder of

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2 Responses to “Romeo, Our Little Sweetie”

  1. Bob Oro

    Great analogy.
    Living in the moment can be tough.
    Getting the negative people out of your life is a key we have worked on for years. They just drag you down.
    Happy Mother’s Day
    Enjoy the Journey,

    • Silvia Coggin

      Your support means so much to me and I love to read your reflections and comments. I have actively pushed the negative people in my life into the background. They just caused too much stress and pain and I had to make the decision since I want to surround myself with love, compassion and empathy. I still am in contact, just in a more distant manner. Wishing you an enjoyable weekend. Silvia


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